Vanecha Urie (Deaceased)


Once a ground-breaking russian scientist, Urie fled the ussr after killing his KGB handler. fleeing russia with a power-armor of his own design he vowed not to have his designs be used for evil ever agian. with his sister intow the most important descision was where to go…. the most obviouse anser is the bustling city of San -Marqui. he required work and access to a good collage for his little sister. and san-marqui had all of these things. shortly after moving he was offered a posistion in a private lab by the great philanthropist __. he worked here for a while while he decided what to do with his armor. finally he decided taht he would use it in the persuit of great things the greatest thing of all…...Superherodom.

As the superhero The Venga, his life was shortened dramaticlly first there was a giant robot that he was unable to stop befor killing thousands. With that defeat he was forced to quit his job and study the pieces of the wreckage he was devoured by his work… consumed with the belief that someone in russia had managed to find the designs for his armor and had improved upon them so drasticly he decided that he should go and talk to his former employer…. but then disaster struck….

Urie witnessed THE WRAITH, another super hero (and possibly a freind), being attacked by a winged man feind with death in his eyes. THE VENGA had to intervine. suited in his armor he decided to help his would be freind. after several attempts he realised that the Demon would not be satiated until THE WRAITH was dead. that left THE VENGA only one attack he would ram him at supersonic speedsand so he set his plan into motion in a death-defying act of heroism (or insanity) he hurled himself at the bird man with incredible velocity knocking him into the ground only to knock himself into the next world.

The Wraith, Or Freezer Burn Caught him befor he hit the ground only to find him in a coma. he had previously aranged a deal with _ that in the event of an unforcable accident that he would revieve medical coverage … finding this out the impulsive hero FREEZER BURN (another likely hero freind) took THE VENGA to A pere arangeed safe-house. it was there that things took a turn for the worst. while on the recovery table after being injected with the recovery serum Urie’s body began to reject the serum and shut it’s self down. _ needed to act quickly so after looking into Urie’s On-suit Hard drive he found spec’s for a cyborg and began to implement these plans on Urie with the hope of keeping hime alive. Only time will tell how Urie will fare from this recent development.

Vanecha Urie (Deaceased)

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