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...was absolutely unbelievable. Clash “The King” Valentine apparently attacking the Mayor and killing him outside of the Tri-Tech Office buildings. Police swiftly placed the world-renowned racer under arrest and took him to the Downtown Police precinct. Clash seemed to be under some confusion and went into police custody peacefully.

The body of the Mayor was swiftly covered to protect more sensitive viewers, oddly enough however, some eyewitnesses report seeing sparks and strange fluids coming from the Mayor’s body as he fell. Some witnesses even went so far as to claim seeing metallic parts in the wounds caused by Clash. Police have thus far refused to comment on the statements from witnesses claiming that now is no time wild speculation and that a full report will be released as soon as they have all the evidence looked over.

This is Kevin Llewellyn for San Marquis ACTION! News; back to you Susan.



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