San Marquis


I can’t believe this 2 “incidents” in 2 days. This is amazing, and coinceadence i thnik not. i woke up this morning like i always do i checked the forums. And low and behold on the H-Quin fanpage the amazing mistress of missing does it agian today she told us of the dasterdly deed of epic proportions and what she plans to do about it. (she’s amazing) yOu people are really missreading her. she dosent steal object’s she replaces them (idiots) but todays “Heist was going to be amazing. she was suposed to return the Brazillian diamond the the neck of the wearer during the parade in full view of everyone it was going to be amazing. But then those damn supers tried to get in the way making things all the more awesome. H-quin’s real goal was to give Mirrormask a peice of free information…(you know to show that there was no hard feelings)...But then things went fucking crazy. Fucking Snipers. So there she was Mirror Mask had just recognized her and confronted her, then all of the sudden H-Quins on the fucking float replaceing the necklace when all of the sudden this fucking shot rings out And my beloved takes a shock round to the chest AND DOWN SHE GOES. Fucking crist kinda over kill for a “Goodish” deed. i mean it was right there in the open on her web site for everyone to see and had anyone been smart enought to read it they would have know what she was doing there also had anyone botherd to fucking look at is they tottally whould have known. but yeah there she was on the ground and that woman? Mirror mask just ran up and sucker punch’s her in the face. Fucked up! the question i want to know is what did the note say?........



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