San Marquis

From the Inter WEBS TO YOU!

I've Seen thing's man

Listen up people you just dont get how messed this is all is these major corps are all covering all this shit up from u they dont want you to know but good old 31337 is here to hand it to u we’ll start with what appears to be a simple attack on smx you heard from that HACK reporter about how the supes failed to save the day there but i know a few things you didn’t hear about noone has reported the death of the Sheik Aref Al-Shaqur the first two shots took out the suport beams that were controlling the area of roof above he and his eanturage guess where the 3rd and 4th shots went to the beams just to the outside of those they never saw it comming and the police have no fucking clue but i dooo you wanna know why this is important of course you do the good sheik (designer of such things as deep sea oil platforms and u-water deep deep drilling platforms) had just aquired quite the sum of money in the total of 30000000 us this is only relevent becouse there was another man in the plane that the Robot shot at that had just recently came across the same amount and you want to know where it all tracks back too Donald devolo both would be deasd but the team of Supes were able to stop the second man from dieing I just want to know what donald devolo has to hide?



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