San Marquis

Frank Hemingway Special Report #2

Harlequin Strikes Again?

Saturday early afternoon

At the much anticipated Brazilian Cultural Arts Festival chaos ensued. Witness reports state that Harlequin the self proclaimed Master Thief, was shot repeatedly by a unknown sniper before she could even attempt to steal the necklace on display in the parade. She was tied up by someone by the name of Mirriormask who fled the scene with another accomplice who witnesses recall as ”...the Bad James Bond impersonator…”, before police could contain the crime scene. Mirriormask and the other accomplice left Harlequin to the first police on the scene.

Witnesses report that Mirriormask removed evidence from the scene and is wanted for questioning by police. Police Reports state that Harlequin later escaped police custody from the back of a locked squad car. You would think the police would learn that that will not hold her. Posts on Harlequin’s Fan page state that this job was a huge success. Congrats [sic] I guess; I wonder what she was trying to accomplish?

That’s twice in one day that these so called Heroes believe they can do what they want without consequences.

Frank Hemingway


The spelling errors… oh the spelling errors. And I showed that paper to the authorities before I left.

Mr. Hemingway is going to have an interesting experience when this is over.

Frank Hemingway Special Report #2

But you still left the scean with the note

Frank Hemingway Special Report #2

Mr. Hemming way is now Personus Non Grata

Frank Hemingway Special Report #2

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