San Marquis

Frank Hemingway Special Report #1

Giant Killer Robot Attacks SMX Airport Killing Hundreds

Saturday, late afternoon.

The city is in shock after an unprecedented event happened in our beloved city. At 1615 PST a large object ripped the heavens asunder and deposited it’s self in SMX’s tarmac. Within moments the large object had opened up and emptied some unwanted cargo. This cargo ended up bringing the lives of hundreds of citizens of the world to an end.

The cargo was described by many as “a large robot of some sort.” This is hard to confirm from the state the wreckage that was strewn about the airfield by a group of costumed vigilantes. But despite that, video cameras around the airfield caught the whole scene. When the 15m tall monstrosity began it’s assault on the international terminal of SMX, it found a target rich environment. But instead of targeting people the video shows the robot targeted key supports killing hundreds in as few shots as possible. Was it afraid it would run out of ammo?

All in all, the vigilantes peppered the robot with attacks until the robot was put down. At one point in the combat it appears that one of the vigilantes who calls himself the “Avenga” flies away from the battle but returns to clam the credit of saving the day. What is this? A sign of cowardice? Another showboat calling himself FreezerBurn is reported to be the one to deliver the final blow. His fire powers are believed to be the cause of the fire that made rescue efforts so difficult in the collapsing terminal. The last so called do-gooder is believed to be the Wraith who fleed the scene after the press showed up. Guilty of something?

Sure, these vigilantes stopped the robot; but did they save the innocents trapped inside the collapsing burning airport terminal? No, they didn’t. Should we call them heroes? I say no; they have not earned that illustrious title yet. Until then they are just as bad as the villains they fight.

Frank Hemingway



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