San Marquis

Excerpt from a DeVolo Press Conference

”...and I want to assure all of you that despite the claims of critical errors in the new SupremoTech Meta-Inhibitor System™, everything is working perfectly. The system has been checked repeatedly and all claims of the Inhibitor system being able to fail are false. The only way to override the Inhibitor program is by using a shutdown switch that only the Governor, the Knower, and myself possess. The system is 100% fail-proof. Also I have seen some fliers put being put out by the Tourism Board and I want to remind them that Donald DeVolo is a “Billion-Bilionare™.” That is Trademarked. Registered. Use it. Now on to the question of how the latest monopoly suit against me is going: I’d like to assure all share holders that nothing will come of this latest unfounded…”



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