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...was absolutely unbelievable. Clash “The King” Valentine apparently attacking the Mayor and killing him outside of the Tri-Tech Office buildings. Police swiftly placed the world-renowned racer under arrest and took him to the Downtown Police precinct. Clash seemed to be under some confusion and went into police custody peacefully.

The body of the Mayor was swiftly covered to protect more sensitive viewers, oddly enough however, some eyewitnesses report seeing sparks and strange fluids coming from the Mayor’s body as he fell. Some witnesses even went so far as to claim seeing metallic parts in the wounds caused by Clash. Police have thus far refused to comment on the statements from witnesses claiming that now is no time wild speculation and that a full report will be released as soon as they have all the evidence looked over.

This is Kevin Llewellyn for San Marquis ACTION! News; back to you Susan.

Excerpt from a DeVolo Press Conference

”...and I want to assure all of you that despite the claims of critical errors in the new SupremoTech Meta-Inhibitor System™, everything is working perfectly. The system has been checked repeatedly and all claims of the Inhibitor system being able to fail are false. The only way to override the Inhibitor program is by using a shutdown switch that only the Governor, the Knower, and myself possess. The system is 100% fail-proof. Also I have seen some fliers put being put out by the Tourism Board and I want to remind them that Donald DeVolo is a “Billion-Bilionare™.” That is Trademarked. Registered. Use it. Now on to the question of how the latest monopoly suit against me is going: I’d like to assure all share holders that nothing will come of this latest unfounded…”


I can’t believe this 2 “incidents” in 2 days. This is amazing, and coinceadence i thnik not. i woke up this morning like i always do i checked the forums. And low and behold on the H-Quin fanpage the amazing mistress of missing does it agian today she told us of the dasterdly deed of epic proportions and what she plans to do about it. (she’s amazing) yOu people are really missreading her. she dosent steal object’s she replaces them (idiots) but todays “Heist was going to be amazing. she was suposed to return the Brazillian diamond the the neck of the wearer during the parade in full view of everyone it was going to be amazing. But then those damn supers tried to get in the way making things all the more awesome. H-quin’s real goal was to give Mirrormask a peice of free information…(you know to show that there was no hard feelings)...But then things went fucking crazy. Fucking Snipers. So there she was Mirror Mask had just recognized her and confronted her, then all of the sudden H-Quins on the fucking float replaceing the necklace when all of the sudden this fucking shot rings out And my beloved takes a shock round to the chest AND DOWN SHE GOES. Fucking crist kinda over kill for a “Goodish” deed. i mean it was right there in the open on her web site for everyone to see and had anyone been smart enought to read it they would have know what she was doing there also had anyone botherd to fucking look at is they tottally whould have known. but yeah there she was on the ground and that woman? Mirror mask just ran up and sucker punch’s her in the face. Fucked up! the question i want to know is what did the note say?........

From the Inter WEBS TO YOU!
I've Seen thing's man

Listen up people you just dont get how messed this is all is these major corps are all covering all this shit up from u they dont want you to know but good old 31337 is here to hand it to u we’ll start with what appears to be a simple attack on smx you heard from that HACK reporter about how the supes failed to save the day there but i know a few things you didn’t hear about noone has reported the death of the Sheik Aref Al-Shaqur the first two shots took out the suport beams that were controlling the area of roof above he and his eanturage guess where the 3rd and 4th shots went to the beams just to the outside of those they never saw it comming and the police have no fucking clue but i dooo you wanna know why this is important of course you do the good sheik (designer of such things as deep sea oil platforms and u-water deep deep drilling platforms) had just aquired quite the sum of money in the total of 30000000 us this is only relevent becouse there was another man in the plane that the Robot shot at that had just recently came across the same amount and you want to know where it all tracks back too Donald devolo both would be deasd but the team of Supes were able to stop the second man from dieing I just want to know what donald devolo has to hide?

Frank Hemingway Special Report #2
Harlequin Strikes Again?

Saturday early afternoon

At the much anticipated Brazilian Cultural Arts Festival chaos ensued. Witness reports state that Harlequin the self proclaimed Master Thief, was shot repeatedly by a unknown sniper before she could even attempt to steal the necklace on display in the parade. She was tied up by someone by the name of Mirriormask who fled the scene with another accomplice who witnesses recall as ”...the Bad James Bond impersonator…”, before police could contain the crime scene. Mirriormask and the other accomplice left Harlequin to the first police on the scene.

Witnesses report that Mirriormask removed evidence from the scene and is wanted for questioning by police. Police Reports state that Harlequin later escaped police custody from the back of a locked squad car. You would think the police would learn that that will not hold her. Posts on Harlequin’s Fan page state that this job was a huge success. Congrats [sic] I guess; I wonder what she was trying to accomplish?

That’s twice in one day that these so called Heroes believe they can do what they want without consequences.

Frank Hemingway

Frank Hemingway Special Report #1
Giant Killer Robot Attacks SMX Airport Killing Hundreds

Saturday, late afternoon.

The city is in shock after an unprecedented event happened in our beloved city. At 1615 PST a large object ripped the heavens asunder and deposited it’s self in SMX’s tarmac. Within moments the large object had opened up and emptied some unwanted cargo. This cargo ended up bringing the lives of hundreds of citizens of the world to an end.

The cargo was described by many as “a large robot of some sort.” This is hard to confirm from the state the wreckage that was strewn about the airfield by a group of costumed vigilantes. But despite that, video cameras around the airfield caught the whole scene. When the 15m tall monstrosity began it’s assault on the international terminal of SMX, it found a target rich environment. But instead of targeting people the video shows the robot targeted key supports killing hundreds in as few shots as possible. Was it afraid it would run out of ammo?

All in all, the vigilantes peppered the robot with attacks until the robot was put down. At one point in the combat it appears that one of the vigilantes who calls himself the “Avenga” flies away from the battle but returns to clam the credit of saving the day. What is this? A sign of cowardice? Another showboat calling himself FreezerBurn is reported to be the one to deliver the final blow. His fire powers are believed to be the cause of the fire that made rescue efforts so difficult in the collapsing terminal. The last so called do-gooder is believed to be the Wraith who fleed the scene after the press showed up. Guilty of something?

Sure, these vigilantes stopped the robot; but did they save the innocents trapped inside the collapsing burning airport terminal? No, they didn’t. Should we call them heroes? I say no; they have not earned that illustrious title yet. Until then they are just as bad as the villains they fight.

Frank Hemingway


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